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10 Household Items That Weigh About 3 Pounds · Standard bag of apples · Small bag of potatoes · Laptop computer · Electric water kettle · Table lamp · Steam iron. Learn 48 useful household vocabulary items that most English learners don't know. Sometimes you can plug three things into them. When a ruler or tape measure isn't available, these three common household items can be used to measure hail. flour and add water until it becomes a dough (~3/4 c.). Bonus: Kneading the dough is like squeezing a stress ball – release that tension! Boxes: Imagine the. It's “handy” to know the size of various parts of one's body. For instance, my feet, in shoes, are pretty close to one foot (three hundred millimeters) in. Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises. Task 3. Task 4. Task 5. Discussion. Which of these things do you carry when you go out? 3 Household Items You Should Replace More Often · Sponges. The common kitchen sponge is used for anything from doing the dishes to wiping off a. Step 3: Dollar Measures Up I found that after measuring the dollar bill was probably the best makeshift ruler, as it is a 1/2 foot, and because it is foldable. Step 3. Check for other handy household objects that can help you approximate an inch. These include flat-headed thumbtacks, which are just over a 1/4 inch. In this article, I will show you 9 things that are around 5 inches long. Knowing the size of everyday objects can be very helpful when comparing items or if.

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