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There are three kinds of plate tectonic boundaries. Ancient continental formations[edit]. In the history of Earth many tectonic plates have come into existence and have over the intervening years either accreted. Earth's lithosphere is composed of seven or eight major plates (depending on how they are defined) and many minor plates. Where the plates meet, their relative. The lithosphere is broken up into seven very large continental- and ocean-sized plates, six or seven medium-sized regional plates, and several small ones. These. There are major plates and many minor plates. Varying between 0 to mm per year, the movement of a plate is driven by convection in the underlying hot and. This interaction of tectonic plates is responsible for many different geological formations such as the Himalaya mountain range in Asia. Oceanic and continental plates come together, spread apart, and interact at boundaries all over the planet. Each type of plate boundary. The system of ideas behind plate tectonics theory suggests that Earth's outer shell (lithosphere) is divided into several plates that glide. How many plates are there? Because Earth is spherical, its tectonic or lithospheric plates are fractured into dozens of curved. Subduction zones occur where one tectonic plate is pulled under another. Most often the subducting plate is oceanic crust and contains many.

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